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Cosmetic Dental

Many thinks cosmetic dentistry is for the young and beautiful. Behind all the beautiful smile, it is more about the function and stability of your teeth. Looking beautiful is about having symmetry and balance.

Teeth Whitening
As the name suggests, this treatment is all about lightening stained or discoloured teeth.

While you can buy over-the-counter, use-at-home toothpastes and strips, your dentist is best qualified to determine if you need teeth whitening. They can diagnose the reason for the discolouration and its type, and can then advise the most effective treatment for you.

You may be tempted to go to a shopping centre booth or a beautician to get your teeth whitened, but neither are staffed by suitably qualified personnel. Incorrect use of bleaching agents may cause irreversible damage to your teeth and gums. DIY bleaching comes with all sorts of risks, and anecdotal treatments such as rubbing lemons, or even bicarbonate of soda on your teeth can do a lot of damage to your teeth and gums for no real whitening gain.

Keep in mind is that crowns, veneers and fillings don’t change colour when you have your teeth whitened.

Veneers are thin, tooth-coloured porcelain or composite layers fixed onto the front surface of your teeth that can be a suitable option if you have teeth with gaps. Also it may be indicated for teeth that are stained, discoloured, broken or chipped, crowded-in or crooked, oddly-shaped or badly-aligned.
If your broken or decayed tooth needs to be rebuilt, it may be suitable to cover the tooth with a crown. Crowns are generally made from materials such as porcelain, and porcelain/metal combinations. Not only do they make your teeth look more attractive, but they also give them added strength, durability and stability.


If you have missing teeth, your dentist may suggest the use of implants to replace them. Not only may your smile improve, you may also enjoy a better quality of life. Your dentist is best placed to advise on the most suitable option for replacing your teeth and any decision on changing the look and function of your teeth should always be in conjunction with your dentist.

Rhodes Dental Care offer a range of custom implants  tailored to your jaw size and shape.

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