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Denture, crown and bridge

Denture, implant, crown and bridge are prosthodontic replacements of loss or missing teeth. These are the treatment options to restore aesthetic and biological function. Often especially the back teeth are left not replaced because of less aesthetic importance. What people do not know is that when a back tooth is lost, they are losing the balance and back support of their jaw and eventually losing protection of the front teeth. This can leads to unbalanced jaw and facial muscle tone and jaw joint pain. 


When more back teeth are lost, people start chewing on their front teeth more. The front teeth are designed for biting not chewing. As a consequence, there will be more wear and tear and ultimately as the front teeth gets shortened, the distance between the chin and nose will get closer which result in an older appearance. Options like denture, bridge or implants will help to restore function and stability. Whether you are after a beautiful smile make over or restoring your natural balanced dentition, our dentists at Rhodes Dental Care will be glad to assist you in the decision making and guide you through all the important process.

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